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Revelation Vape Co. War (Alien Coil Set)

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Enfused with the spirit of War our Alien Clapton
delivers a warm juicy vape filled with flavor.

Made from only the highest quality Nikrothal (Ni80) you can rest assure that these bad boys are worth every single cent.
If you're looking for a hard hitter and a warm juicy vape, look no further. Each War set of Aliens are individually hand wound for your vaping pleasure.

These coils are ideal for higher wattage vapes (75w - 120w)
At 75w you still get a lot of flavor, perfect for the fruitier juices.
At 90w upwards our creamier, desserts just burst with a thick warm vape!

Due to the size of the coils they are super low resistant coils.
Pre fire they read in at a variant of 0.06-0.08 ohms.
After fire they've been fired and settled they come in at a perfect 0.12 ohm. In some instances maybe 0.01 higher or lower, depending on the length of coil legs.

Ideally you would want a SX or DNA chip board. Or any mod that would fire down that low. Some mods will allow you to fire them in temp control mode.

These are definitely our favorite for the bigger build decks.


Ideal Atomizers we've tested them on:


  • Recoil RDA
  • Goon 24
  • TM24
  • VGod pro RDTA
  • Limitless RDTA's
  • Azeroth RDTA