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Revelation Vape Co. Fury (Fused Clapton Coil Set)

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The third living creature said, "Come", I looked, and behold a black horse and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hands"


The Fused Clapton

Made from only the highest quality Nikrothal (Ni80) you can rest assure that these bad boys are worth every single cent.
If you are looking for a well balanced coil that can stretch a wider span of watts then these are the coils for you.

These are perfect for your smaller build decks like tanks and 22mm drippers. Reading in at a crisp 0.2 ohms (May vary due to leg length) after fire, 0.15 ohms prefire. These are perfect for a wide range of flavor profiles and especially perfect for lower wattage devices. They are also ideal if heat is a problem on your atomizer.
We have tried and tested them in a wide variety of tanks and drippers. The wattage range is between 45w - 95w. But we have found that the ideal vaping temperatures are between 55w - 75w.

Our fruity flavors stayed nice and cold but still popped with flavor and on higher watts they still delivered amazing flavor for the desserts. In some cases where the juices had some fruits in the mix that part of the juice would come out a little more. A perfect example of this is Wolfsbane from Emissary Elixirs. The berry undertone was a lot more prominent.

Another added benefit of Fury is that they are perfect for mech mods, Standard the will read in at 0.2 ohms (In some cases 0.19 ohm). For the more experienced vapers you could always resize the coils to a 5 wrap or 6 wrap 2.5mm ID. They should read in at 0.15 ohms for a hard hitting fast heating coil.

These bad boys truly score 10's all across the board and make for a great flavor full vape that you can adjust to your ideal vaping temperatures, perfect for a all day vape and much more forgiving on battery life.


Ideal Atomizers we have tested them in:


  • Serpent 25 mini
  • Tornado Nano
  • Goon 22mm
  • Mage RTA
  • Mage GTA
  • Geekvape Griffin - (All of them)
  • Dotmod Petri
  • Kryten RDA
  • VGod Proi RDTA
  • Recoil RDA
  • Ziggs RDA
  • Tsunami 22/24mm RDA