About us


Valentine Corp Vaping (Pty) Ltd, or V-Corp Vaping/VCV for short, was established in August 2016 with the primary purpose of delivering smokers a safer alternative to cigarettes and other traditional tobacco products. Many people are discouraged when conventional methods of quitting yield little to no results and for some, it becomes a losing battle for their health. We walk a journey with customers to transition to this safer alternative and have identified this to be our core competency.
We strongly believe that vaping is currently the definitive and best proven method to quit smoking or at the very least, cut down the habit, and with an astronomically high success rate. We manage to convert our customers from smoking to personalised vaping solutions in a matter of weeks with ease. The vaping community, whilst currently in it’s infancy, is growing by the day and has developed an almost ‘sub-culture’ status of like-minded individuals all rallying towards a common cause. As time has progressed VCV has developed a very positive reputation and are so pleased to introduce many customers, daily, to vast mediums where these communities exist which certainly contributes towards the progress of their journey and the main message that vaping carries to the world.
The transition to vaping allows ex-smokers to regain their sense of smell; taste; ease of breathing and even lessen the chances of respiratory infections, thus improving their overall quality of life. So if you are ready to leave cigarettes ‘stinkies’ in the past, let us know and we will gladly advise you on the right vaping solution to suit your needs so that you can take control of your life again.
And of course, we also cater for the enthusiasts.