Wicked Wicks

Wicked Wicks was founded when three varsity students, and passionate Vapers, met with a common problem, the student budget!

This was, and in most student cases still is, a terrible challenge to overcome. As we can all imagine vaping doesn't go well when you combine the passion and day to day expenses of the average student.

Something had to be done!

As with most juice lines, it all started as an idea to collaborate together and mix some e-liquids for personal use. This quickly escalated when friends, acquaintances and fellow Vapers started enjoying our flavours as all day Vapes and began asking for more and more...
So, through a combination of research, expertise, hard work and dedication, Wicked Wicks now brings you, the customer, a high quality and affordable juice line. Rekindling your passion for vaping whilst leaving your wallet smiling.